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Mini Candles

Mini Candles

Experience INDIVA's luxurious scents anywhere in the world with our Mini size candle. Perfect for the sophisticated individual on the go, this travel candle is a must-have for your jet-setting lifestyle. Crafted from only the finest materials, this candle is guaranteed to provide a luxurious ambiance and elegant atmosphere to any destination.

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Oak Noir Candle TinOak Noir Candle Tin
Oak Noir Candle Tin Sale price$20.00
Wrapped Vetiver Candle TinWrapped Vetiver Candle Tin
Spiced Cedarwood Candle TinSpiced Cedarwood Candle Tin
Woody Leather Candle TinWoody Leather Candle Tin
Woody Leather Candle Tin Sale price$20.00
Stiff Drink Candle TinStiff Drink Candle Tin
Stiff Drink Candle Tin Sale price$20.00
Morning Matcha Mini Candle TinMorning Matcha Mini Candle Tin
Amber Musk Mini Candle TinAmber Musk Mini Candle Tin
Mimosa Mini Candle TinMimosa Mini Candle Tin
Mimosa Mini Candle Tin Sale price$14.00
Bohemian Spa Mini Candle TinBohemian Spa Mini Candle Tin
Dry Lavender Mini Candle TinDry Lavender Mini Candle Tin
Zesty Raspberry Mini Candle TinZesty Raspberry Mini Candle Tin